Guar Gum turns O&G operations greener

Guar gum is natural food thickener, it has significantly more thickening ability than other gums and starches. Guar (cluster bean - Cymopsis Tetagonolobus) , grows primarily in the north - west regions of India.
Extensively used in oil & gas well fracturing this is the green solution to save water quality, quantity and address other environmental issues - O&G industry is facing today.


A group of technocrats with more than 90 years of combined experience in guargum (experience from growing farm site to fracking site and everything in-between) we at INDIANGUAR are committed to tranform the industry by new technologies like

  • 36-38% Split (endosperm) recovery from seed
  • Split with 7600 + cps viscosity
  • Organic Guar for food recepies
  • 44-46 cps (3') viscosity on Fann Rheometer