Wisdom Teeth Removal Hawkesbury

Wisdom Teeth Removal Hawkesbury

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Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that break out in your mouth usually in late adolescence. As they are the last set of molars, they can be a problem for your earlier teeth as they need quite a lot of space to grow. They can push the tooth away that is adjacent to them posing pain or grow at an odd angle resulting in discomfort, pain, and infection that is the worse situation. In the case of a worse infection, one is left with no option but to get wisdom teeth removal.

In case you face pain and have an issue due to the wisdom tooth, it is better to get it removed. If you live in Hawkesbury, we have some practical tips that will help you in the procedure of wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury.

Yes, wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury is an invasive and very painful procedure, but with the tips that we share with you, you can try to make it less painful. So, here we present some suggestions that are good to follow before and after wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury.


Before wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury

Two dentists performing wisdom teeth removal in Hawkesbury to a patient

Know and understand the removal procedure

Get some knowledge about the removal procedure so that your stress level is reduced. It is better to talk to your dentist so that he shares the basic steps with you and helps you overcome the anxiety that one faces before the surgery.

Take a day off before wisdom teeth removal.

It is good to take a day off to relax before getting tooth removal surgery. It will help you overcome the stress and refresh you so that you can spend the surgery hours with ease and a good spirit.

Have a painkiller

Consult your dentist and have a painkiller before the surgery as the procedure is painful. This will help to lessen your pain.

Better to have some friend or family member accompany you

Having emotional support makes you feel better, and moreover, it is not recommended to drive yourself as you are given medicines and injections during the wisdom teeth removal procedure. You may feel dizzy or sleepy after the hectic procedure. So, request a friend or family member to accompany you.

Eat some soft food or drink juice before surgery.

Try to have something before surgery as after surgery you need some time before you can eat anything. Better to boost your energy before the procedure.


After wisdom teeth removal Hawkesbury

Keep taking the prescribed medicine

Once your wisdom tooth removal is done, please follow the dentist’s advice and take all the prescribed medicines to heal quickly.

Don’t panic if it bleeds

It is common that there is excessive bleeding for a few hours even after the surgery. Take heaps of fresh gauze and place it over the point of bleeding. Keep changing it to prevent reinfection. Contact the dentist if it bleeds excessively and does not stop.

Be careful of diet after the surgery

Try to take soft food so that your mouth does not feel any pressure. Let your surgery heal quickly by allowing it to rest.  Avoid hot food for a day after the surgery as it is not recommended. Better to consult the dentist about your diet post tooth removal.

Regularly visit the dentist till needed

Regularly visit the dentist till he tells you that you have fully recovered. Remember this is a painful procedure so better complete it with care and under dentist’s supervision so that there are no recovery issues.

So, make wisdom tooth removal Hawkesbury a less painful procedure by following the above simple tips.