Why The High Waisted Thong Bikini Plus Size Is So Popular And Reasons To Wear One

Why The High Waisted Thong Bikini Plus Size Is So Popular And Reasons To Wear One

Beautiful woman in high waisted thong bikini

You definitely would have seen the high waisted thong bikini plus size around at some point somewhere. It is all over social media, with celebrities and social media influences with millions of followers flaunting their body in the high waisted thong bikini. The trend has blown up as a result, with millions of people across the world flocking to stores and online retailers looking for their own pair.

Designer brands across the industry have released their own line to show off their high waisted thong bikini plus size, and the consumers have been eating it up like no tomorrow. From the beach to Instagram, to the poolside, you would have seen some ladies showing off their own bodies. However, it is not only the fact that it has become viral that it is so popular, although that is a primary reason.
It comes with its own benefits that make it not only good looking but functional and comfortable too. For many people, that seals the deal and they’re off to get their own pair.

Here is why the high waisted thong bikini plus size is so popular and reasons to wear one.


It looks great

We’re gonna be honest, this would be the primary reason as to why the high waisted thong bikini is so popular nowadays. The design of it challenges the status quo of sexuality being taboo, and it really does not leave much to the imagination. With increasing support for feminism and open sexuality in the modern-day, women are looking for ways to show off their bodies and sending a message that we can do what we want, no matter what. The picture-perfect bodies of celebrities and social media influencers coupled with their own high waisted thong bikini is enough to demonstrate the beauty of it, and how it can make just about anyone look incredible and daring in it, even those that are in plus sizes. You will surely be turning heads and catching some eyes at the beach or poolside, and if that doesn’t get you the attention you want, then we don’t know what will.


It is functional and comfortable

Woman in high waisted thong bikini

The high waisted thong bikini plus size may not look comfortable, but a good quality one should be made of a soft material of high quality which makes it very comfortable to wear. Moreover, the way it is designed is to be optimally comfort while looking good simultaneously. Oftentimes it can be much more comfortable than a standard piece of swimwear, and thus it can be worn solely for its functionality and comfort. In addition to this, it bares much of the skin on your body, and when you head to the beach or poolside to achieve that golden sun-kissed tan, it will not leave white tan lines all over your body.

This is much more aesthetic than the latter, and is another very good reason to wear a high waisted thong bikini.


Gain confidence and empowerment

A high waisted thong bikini plus size is definitely a statement, and while attitudes nowadays have changed towards sexuality, it is still somewhat taboo.
By wearing one, you are directly challenging the views of society and empowering yourself and the women around you. You serve as a symbol that women can do what they want with their bodies and not have to conform to anybody. If you can be that confident, you can do anything.


In summary, a high waisted thong bikini plus size is aesthetic, comfortable, functional and empowering. If these things are all present within a piece of swimwear, and it fits your style, than I think investing in a high waisted thong bikini is definitely worth looking into.