What To Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass In Adelaide

What To Consider Before Buying Artificial Grass In Adelaide

artificial grass in an Adelaide home

Want a garden that is flourishing with a beautiful green patch? For those who want a perfect lawn all year round, you should invest in purchasing artificial grass in Adelaide. It is an investment that needs a lot of research and investigation before making it official. It is important to look at the colour, pile height, traffic, quality, and maintenance before you cash in on a synthetic lawn. Here we have listed out what consider before purchasing artificial grass in Adelaide.

Here are the key factors to consider before buying artificial grass Adelaide made products.


Before you purchase artificial grass in Adelaide, it is best to think about what the traffic is like in the area you are planning to install it. If it is a high-traffic area that will include children or pets, you will need a strong surface for them to play on it smoothly. This is especially important if you are a frequent party host as you will need a robust lawn to be able to withstand the large traffic.  Otherwise, without a properly supported lawn, it will be destroyed faster than you can say, Jack Robinson.

Pile height

If you select artificial grass in Adelaide with a larger pile height the lawn will at first look breathtaking however over time because of gravity will become heavier and flatten your lawn. It is best to have a pile height ranging from 30-37 mm if you want a natural-looking patch. However, if you were to add heavy objects on the lawn such as furniture, we recommend you go for a smaller pile height to increase its sustainability.


There is a large variety of shades to choose from when you purchase artificial grass in Adelaide. They can be olive, lime, darker green, and many other green-tinted options. It is important to get a lawn that is not the one colour but has a richness in shades so that they look like the real thing. Cheaper turfs come in one shade making it easy to distinguish from a natural lawn. It is best to get colour with higher quality and to try out samples at home to see which shades best compliment your home.


Turfs that are of high quality make you feel as if you were walking on air. The high standard lawns are made of polypropylene, polyamide, or polyethylene. Make sure when purchasing artificial grass in Adelaide that the tufts are stitched efficiently, the colour is consistent and has good support. Try to get samples of the product you are interested in to see whether the lawn will be good for your home. Investing in more expensive artificial grass in Adelaide will increase the quality of the lawn which will make it steady and durable for the years to come.


When purchasing artificial grass in Adelaide it is best to consider how much you are willing to upkeep your lawn. Your lawn will remain well-groomed over time as it requires less maintenance than a natural pasture. Depending on what turf you get, some lawns will need more attention than others. The weather of your area and the possibility of rubble falling from trees are examples of factors to consider on what synthetic lawn to get.  If you want to reduce the effort to consistently maintain your turf, you should investigate costly and higher quality patches to stop you from adding on costs to keep your lawn well-groomed. If you are selling your home or you are in need of an aesthetically pleasing lawn, artificial grass in Adelaide is perfect.

Artificial grass in Adelaide is the way to go to make your turf absolutely turf-errific!