How To Find The Best Newcastle Storage For Your Needs

How To Find The Best Newcastle Storage For Your Needs

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Are you running out of space? Perhaps you’re going away and need to keep your things safe while you’re gone? Or maybe your moving and you need a temporary solution between homes.

No matter what your situation is, getting Newcastle storage is often a great solution for a range of problems. With high-density living on the rise, more Australians are living in apartments and need more space for their stuff. More Aussie’s than ever are also choosing to travel for extended periods thanks to new low cost-flight options – these people need safe, secure facilities to ensure their treasured possessions are kept safe and in good condition. So how do you find the best valuable or safest options for Newcastle storage?


Consider location

There are storage facilities all across New South Wales, but it’s important to consider more than just cost – think about accessibility and what works for your needs. If you’re based in the local area and will need regular, or even semi-regular access to your possessions than it’s a good idea to look for Newcastle storage that is close by. If you won’t need to access your things quite as often then you may want to look further afield, there are often cheaper deals to be found the further you get away from busy urban centres.


Consider accessibility

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When looking for a facility for Newcastle storage, it’s important to take into consideration the level of accessibility that the facility has. If you have heavy items and have a unit on a higher floor then lifts will be a priority for example. You should also take note of how easy it is to get in and out of the facility, whether there’s parking and an easy place to pull up your vehicle or larger moving trucks. You’ll also want to check out whether there are any hills or sharp inclines at the facility, as you may be moving large or unwieldy items around. Additionally look at what trolleys they have available, how the building is staffed or whether there is any assistance available to help you move items around. Finally, check out the size of doors and gates, there’s nothing worse than getting a heavy object all the way to your unit, only to discover that it won’t fit or that there’s no clearance for tall items.


Consider security

Security is important for facilities that provide Newcastle storage. No one wants to leave valuable, or sentimental possessions unsupervised or at risk of theft. Check out whether potential facilities have security cameras and ask about how often they’re monitored. You should also check out whether access to the grounds is restricted – many facilities require a pin from customers before they can enter to prevent people from freely roaming around and taking things that don’t belong to them. You should also look at whether they have gates or other security measures, such as a good staff presence, night-time security staff or alarms. Your individual unit should also be locked with access by a key or pin that is provided to you to ensure that no one but you can get into your unit.


Consider insurance

If you’re looking for good Newcastle storage than make sure your chosen provider has the correct insurance. In the unfortunate event of theft, fire or damage your possessions will be covered and any losses will reimbursed. This will give you peace of mind and help you to relax when leaving your possessions in the care of a facility for long periods of time.